It’s Been A While…

Hey Everybody! Did you miss me?!

This blogging thing is a lot more involved than I originally thought, and definitely needs more focus than general writing.

So. I’ll start by printing my first retraction. It belongs to this post. I wrote, speaking about AuthorHouse (the self-publishing company): “There ARE a couple positives. Their package fees are a fair bit less expensive than MillCity and their prices to add images to the manuscript are far less. (Theirs are $5 per image beyond the 10 free they include, whereas MillCity I believe was $50 beyond the 10). They include phone conversation with a marketing professional as part of their packages, though marketing services themselves are separate.

Michelle from Mill City, who was cool enough to actually read this blog, wanted to make sure I had it straight. And l want to make sure I’m accurate to you guys. So this is the truth.

1. Mill City Press allow up to 20 images to be inserted for no additional charge with any of their publishing packages, and each additional image over the 20 would be $4 per image to insert for you.

2.  They provide the opportunity for their authors to have conferences with members of their book publicity staff very early in the publishing process before committing to any marketing or book publicity services to be applied for their book, and these consultations are provided free of charge to their authors.
So there you have it. I also wanted to share a link to a little 6 item list I found to help authors find success in publishing their projects.
Thanks for listening guys. Tomorrow I’ll share some new character art with you! Have a good night everybody.

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