Sorry I’ve Been Gone So Long

What am I to feel
When all the feeling is around me?
Sounding, delicate and thin
With each new spin around each whorl
Of each gentle finger spinning

Sounding, with the grace of light
Like waves within this cavernous embrace
To dull the weary noncommittal sirens
Daily, breath upon the windows
On the faces of our homes

What am I to feel
Without a feeling down inside me?
Soft and comfortable skin
Pale from many moonlit chases
You are there, across the consequence, from me

With soundless clamor
Racing, faceless with your eyes wide
Nighttime great and cavernous expanse
Starlit, pale and patterned after
Billows spinning breathlessly alive

I sing to feel
Multi-colored, elemental silence
Consequential touch of you
Your elegance in waves of restless clamor
Battering with pale skin and night

Like sirens, billowing and quiet
Chased down within my noncommittal skin
The heat and pressure rise
Confrontation, cavernous and graceful
Shivering like starlit moonlight waves


2 thoughts on “Sorry I’ve Been Gone So Long

    • Thanks! That means a lot to me. 🙂 And thank you for sharing your poetry on your blog also. You seem like the sort of person who tries to surround himself with art and artists. I’m jealous of that.

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